A Website as Your Business Card

You may want to have a website that serves the function of being your online business card. Most traditional business cards that people have today are very small pieces of card stock. But, a business card is really only a piece of paper that you hand out to other people. There is a physical limit to how much information anybody can fit on any business card.

Using a website as an online business card, however, changes everything! A website is not presented on paper. Most websites contain what we all call “pages” but they are not really pages like in paper products such as magazines or books or newspapers. A “page” on a website can easily contain far more information than any single business card could ever hope to include.

This is why having a website as an online business card is a terrific idea. If you never have considered this, well, now you know that there are people who already use the Web to present themselves online using the concept of an online business card.

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