A “Can't Wait” announcement from Matthew Cossolotto

A JOTW “Can't Wait” announcement from Matthew Cossolotto:

“Bravo! Matthew deserves a prolonged standing ovation for All The World’s A Podium.”

Jim Wright

Former Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives

Matthew Cossolotto, Top Corporate Speechwriter and Former Aide to U.S. House Speaker Jim Wright and Congressman Leon Panetta, Promotes “Podium Power to the People” with His New Book — All The World’s A Podium


Special $2.00 Discount for JOTW and

DEFCON 1 Members. See details below.

Calling his new book “The Manifesto for the Authentic Speaking Revolution,” Cossolotto says he is bringing his public speaking empowerment programs to government agencies, corporations, nonprofits, schools, and business/community organizations. Through his new book and related Podium Power! programs, Cossolotto says he wants to help millions of people overcome the fear of public speaking and reach their Peak Podium Potential.

Cossolotto says: “By banishing the fear of public speaking, people can boost their career and their self-confidence at the same time. So my rallying cry in promoting my new book and my programs is: ‘Podium Power to the People.’”

A member of the National Speakers Association, Matthew conducts Podium Power! and Harness Your HabitForce! programs for corporations, associations, nonprofit organizations, schools and community groups. He is a former House-leadership congressional aide and senior executive speechwriter at MCI, Pepsi-Cola International, and GTE. In 1996, Matthew founded Ovations International — “Home of the Standing O®” — providing clients with speechwriting, speech coaching and training services. He has developed speeches and/or coached speakers for a variety of prestigious venues, including the Economic Club of Detroit, the National Press Club, Houston Forum, Cleveland City Club, SuperComm, the Microsoft CEO Summit, and the UN General Assembly. To book Matthew as a speechwriter, speech coach or guest speaker, please call 914-245-9721 or email standingo@ovations.com. Visit www.ovations.com for more information.

NEWSFLASH!! Matthew was recently featured in a “Thought Leaders” column by Bulldog Reporter’s Brian Pittman. Here’s the headline from that profile:

Maximizing Podium Potential: Speech Coach Cossolotto Preaches Passion over PowerPoint

To read the full interview, visit the link below and scroll down to Matthew’s August 1, 2007, profile:


ALERT — Special Discount Offer for JOTW and DEFCON 1 Members

Matthew is offering a special $2.00 discount for all JOTW and DEFCON 1 members. Here’s how it works. Simply visit www.ovations.com and order your signed copies of All The World’s a Podium. After ordering your book(s), you MUST send an email to standingo@ovations.com and indicate that you’re a member of JOTW or DEFCON 1. A $2.00 (partial) refund will be issued and the refund will appear on your credit card bill for each book ordered. Note: This $2.00 discount applies to each copy of All The World’s A Podium you order. There is no limit. The $2.00 discount also applies to Matthew’s other book, HabitForce! –

The User’s Guide for Your Personal Operating System. To order signed copies of All The World’s A Podium (and HabitForce!), visit www.ovations.com.

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